3Years After kidney Transplant OJB Is Finally Gone Today 14of June

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3years after kidney transplant OJB Finally die today 14of june Ojb is a Nigerian R&b singer and he was very good at it, i mean he was really good, he was said to have died early this morning, June 14 2016, in a Lagos hospital, just one month to his 50th birthday. A family source claimed that his kidney transplant failed completely since last week.


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3Years After kidney Transplant OJB Finally Die Today 14of June

Recall that the producer was down with kidney related disease, and consequently was flown to India for a transplant in 2013. On October 21, the singer successfully underwent the surgery at the Indian hospital. After the successful surgery, OJB Jezreel , showered praises on his first wife, Mama J, for being there for him and donating one of her kidneys to save his life.God bless her she was is a good wife indeed

3Years After kidney Transplant OJB Finally Die Today 14of June

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While speaking after his arrival to the country from India, OJB revealed that despite discouragement from family and friends, his wife still made the crucial donation to save him, even at the risk of her life. While describing his wife for the voluntary donation, OJB had this to say; She is a wonderful person because it is one thing if God is telling you to do something but another to do it.

It takes a lot of courage to actually do it. Just as Jesus had made the water for Peter to walk on, Peter needed a lot of courage to take that step and that was what she did at that dying minute. Even when the doctors came to tell her that they would have to cut her all the way to the back and would have to remove a rib so they could have access to the kidney, she still agreed to go through it. It takes courage to go through with it, so, I will say she is a courageous woman.

waooo tears runs down from my eyes while reading and making this post she is a good woman not every Nigeria woman can do that with the kind  of  women will have now hmmm well Ojb finally left her 3Years After kidney Transplant OJB Finally Die Today 14of June

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