2 lesbian pastors Wed in the US [Photos] hell is sure for both

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2 lesbian pastors Wed in the US [Photos] hell is sure for both

This is really shucking to me it all happen in a church in the USA the name will

(but not all church are church of Christ)

be mentioned soon. However, the bride’s father, Rev. Sam Gause Sr, a Pentecostal minister
who lives in Atlanta, was strongly against the gay union.

When contacted by the New York Times, her father condemned the union describing homosexuality

as a mental disorder.

The newly wed lesbian Pastor, Twanna Gouse and Vanessa Brown

two lesbian pastors, Twanna Gause and her partner Vanessa Brown have
shocked many after the couple wedded in the New Vision Full Gospel
Baptist Church in East Orange, New Jersey. it was supricing but all
i have to say to them is hell is sure

The couple who were excited about their union irrespective of people’s
thoughts, led by Bishops Levi Richards and Eugene Gathers, both of the
Fellowship of Affirming Ministries.

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The bride, Pastor Twanna Gause, dressed in an off-white wedding gown
and veil, stepped out of a limousine to meet her partner, Pastor Vanessa
Brown, who stood waiting at the altar in a cream-colored long coat.

The wedding reception at il Tulipano in Cedar Grove, N.J., was an
elegant affair.

My father would not come here because he does not believe in
same-sex marriage.

He told me the devil tricked me into this, and that if we had been married in biblical times

we would have been stoned to death, the new bride said.

Twanna, very well knows I’m not for that kind of lifestyle, I believe
that God wanted us to procreate through a natural process, and by no
means am I happy about this because it is unnatural, I look at
homosexuality as a mental disorder.

If I start to tell you that I am an elephant, and start to behave as an
elephant, that’s my choice, I choose to become an elephant.
But you would probably choose to call a mental institution

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